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I can't forget the hike. Everyone has a pleasant and unforgettable hike. How about last summer vacation? I was very excited and happy.

Why? Becse my family and I went to a betiful city Xiamen. It was very hot that day. We left home in the morning and went there in the afternoon.

There we went to Gulanu, Bailuzhou Park and Jinbang park. We had a good meal We went shopping and climbed the hillside. We had a good time there.

We stayed there for a month. After a month, we retned to o home. It was an exciting and unforgettable tp, ght? How about yo unforgettable tp.




On Wednesday, we went to visit Nanshan in Zhenjiang, where the tall and handsome yikeke tree is tall and straight, and its cwn is shining with Jasper like luster in the sun. The trees in Nanshan are full of vitality. Today, we are going to climb a mountain at the foot of the mountain.

You can feel the power of Nanshan and the tall boys who are _Wow, you are going to start climbing_ with a cheer After o hard and happy mountaineeng tp, I fell behind the team, looked up and thought: the Nanshan Mountain is not high, so they chatted with the students slowly fm one day on. I felt a little difficult. My hands were kneeling on the gund, and there was a big sweat on my head.

I looked up at the mountains, where a line was connected, like the ver flowing forward I can't but complain: _why is the mountain so high, when climbing up to the top of the mountain?_ after a step, I slipped and almost fell down. I looked to the ght, and the deep ditch ce was under us. I immediately left here, thinking: if you fall down fm here, the immortal remains also ah.

Later, we finally climbed to the top of the mountain, and then we knew how tall Nanshan was I don't know who yelled: _Wow, bamboo shoots are good._ I'll keep the prestige. Yike green bamboo is very tough. I nestle in my mother's arms along a all bamboo pole beside the bamboo forest.

The bamboo shoots are green and bwn in contrast. I have nr seen any big bamboo shoots. I can't but go forward and touch them.

It feels like a layer of soap on top of the bamboo shoots. It's ooth. Now I know the fun of mountain climbing The pain is worth it.

You can see the leaves swaying in the breeze thugh a bud on the gund. You can see the bety, bitter and tired on the mountain. After climbing the mountain, I know that the rainbow is always in the wind and rain.

Only after the wind and rain can we see the sun, and we insist that after success.




If Sydney is called New York in the South Pacific, then Melbone here can be said to be London. It is an ancient city and also a betiful garden city. The streets are neatly paved in a chesoard shape, and vaous ancient and modern buildings blend harmoniously.

There are many operas and Badway musicals performed here ry day. It is also a center for Australian immigrants. Most of the immigrants who come to Australia live in Melbone and Sydney.

The immigrants started their new life here, but they kept their own traditions and customs. If you want to taste Italian food and dnk, you can go to laigong street to learn about Chinese culte. Then you can visit Chinatown in Chinatown.

There are not only Chinese restaants, but also Malaysian, Thai and Japanese restaants. So this is not only a window for you to know Chinese people, but also for East Asian people The best place to meet Southeast Asian people. The goods sold in Chinatown are very unique.

You can have a vaety of choices and reasonable pces. That's why Chinatown is so popular with tousts. My fends come back with shopping bags of large and all sizes, and they don't leave until they buy too many things.

It's worth mentioning that the most unforgettable expeence of traveling in Melbone is in Mexico A place south of irben to watch the world's allest Penguin homing, there is a all island called Philip, ry ning, gups of penguins stagger back to their homes, when they step on the ver bank, their wobbly ovelyhttp://wwwwengessaycom/daxue/html.